Mystery field-trip

Yesterday Maia came home from school, handed me a little scrap of paper and said “Tomorrow I’m supposed to go here.” In Czech teacher handwriting it said “8:00-11:40, Shopping center Smíchov, 60 crowns.” “Okay, why?” “I don’t know.”
And she didn’t. This is the kind of thing that happens when you send your child to a school where she doesn’t understand the language. I’m sure the children were told what kind of field trip they were going on. She just didn’t catch it.
Some people think it’s cruel of us to send her to this school. In fact, one embassy employee’s wife at an American, British and Aussie Women of Prague meeting I attended said it would be much more ‘humane’ to send my children to an International school where they teach in English. She kept saying ‘humane’. I left there feeling like Cruella de Vil.
Two things; Maia is totally up to this AND she is learning Czech. Both of which are awesome. Plus, she’s becoming that person, who, in the face of a problematic situation, will say “Okay, I can handle this”, instead of panicking and shrinking away.
So this morning Maia and I caught the #16 tram to the mall at Smíchov. The stores, except for the grocery and bakery were all closed and dark. We walked deeper into the mall, no signs of her classmates or clues as to what they were actually going to do. Finally a woman whom I’d never seen but Maia seemed to recognize greeted us, “Dobrý den.” Maia gave me that hug that says “Thanks mom. Now please leave.” So I did.
I still have no idea what she’s doing there with her 60 crowns and her class, but I’m sure she’s safe, she’s learning, and she’ll manage just fine.

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