It’s the Netherlands, not Holland

My boys are 17 years old. Wow, how did that happen? They’re old enough to drink beer in Germany, and it’s time to figure out what they’re going to do for college. So last weekend we went to our first university “open day”, at the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands.
Geography lesson: The Netherlands is the name of the country. North and South Holland are just 2 of twelve provinces of the Netherlands. North Holland includes Amsterdam, and Rotterdam is in South Holland – that’s where my folks are from. Groningen is way up in the north of the country, in the Groningen province, of course.
Now back to my story – We drove the 8 hours from Prague to Groningen only to completely fall in love with the town, the university, and the north of the Netherlands in general. It was ridiculously picturesque, and the people were so friendly. After 6 months in Prague where the shopkeepers are notoriously mean (topic for a future post), it was lovely to experience the open friendliness of the Dutch. Did I mention that because my boys are EU citizens (they have dual Czech/American citizenship) their tuition would be just over $2000 per year – all the way through PhD if they choose? Um, yes, we like that part too.
We’ll continue looking at other universities, but so far, Groningen is at the top of our list.



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