Musings on food additives and dead pigs

So I step outside my front door this morning, and in front of the restaurant across the street I spot a whole pig hanging from a tee-pee like structure (already dead, thank goodness). Guess they’re going to be cooking that today for the lunch crowd. I have a bit of a hard time looking at it – I have to admit I am 0% farm-girl, cadaver lab is much easier for me to handle than butchered beasts – but seeing that whole, live just a few hours ago pig out there makes me think about something I’ve been noticing here in Prague. While the food is not 100% healthy by any stretch of the imagination (the amount of sugar and while flour consumed is through the roof) they use a whole lot less of food additives than we do in the States. The restaurants here cook from scratch using real food, not pre-packaged, preserved, artificially colored and flavored stuff. That’s pretty rare in the States except in the swanky or granola places. And even the packaged junk foods you get in the grocery stores and convenience stores here have a lot fewer ingredients with chemical rather than food names… I mean a lot fewer.
So, why can’t we do that in the States?
I don’t have any answers… this is just what I’ve been thinking about this morning.
Have a good one.

Look closely and you'll see the pig down there. I'd get closer for a shot, but I don't want to;)

Look closely and you’ll see the pig down there. I’d get closer for a shot, but I don’t want to;)

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