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Do men go through menopause?


My middle-aged husband has no motivation and is always cranky. He has also put on a big belly and lost his libido. Do men go through menopause?


Many men suffer from what is called andropause, a hormonal and neurological cascade that affects their health and their personality. Some refer to it as “male menopause.”

Andropause: “male menopause”

The defining marker for andropause is a skewed ratio of testosterone to estrogen so that estrogen becomes dominant. This has long been associated with middle age, but clinicians are increasingly finding it in younger men too. As andropause comes on gradually the symptoms can be overlooked or relegated to “getting older.”

Symptoms of andropause include:

Is Alzheimer’s type 3 diabetes?


I heard Alzheimer’s is related to diabetes. I don’t have diabetes, why should I be concerned?


The same sugary, starchy diet that increases the risk of diabetes also increases the risk of Alzheimer’s.

In fact people with diabetes have a 65 percent higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Sugary, starchy diets can be the brain’s demise

The pancreas releases insulin to lower high blood sugar caused by consuming sweets, starchy foods (pasta, potatoes, rice, corn, breads, pastries, etc.) sodas, juice, and sweet coffee drinks Continue reading