Boy is the US ever missing out on the whole walking thing. After just 4 weeks in Europe, I can already understand how the Europeans would balk at a family of 5 owning 2 cars – like we did just a few short weeks ago. Whether you’re in a big city like we are, or a smaller town or village here, you’ll find public transportation and/or a town square or center within walking distance where you can find pretty much all you need. Of course the fact that gas is like gold here helps to inspire people to walk as well.

We don’t have a car here, so when we arrived in Prague, the whole family got metro passes. These are good for the trams, underground, and city buses – which run day and night. We go everywhere on foot or public transportation. Of course, using public transportation always means walking to the nearest stop, which, I’ll be honest, is more than I ever walked back in the states. The fact that we’re staying in a 4th floor flat without an elevator adds to the daily workout too!

I have to say it feels real good. I have never been good at exercising just to exercise. For some reason, exercise for me, right or wrong, needs to have more of a purpose than just to get myself in shape. I’ll play volleyball for hours, or hockey because they’re fun. I’ll take a long bike ride if I’m going somewhere… but to go to the gym and work out, or go for a run just to run? Ugh, that has never been my thing. So now I’m in luck. I’m finally getting some decent exercise every day and it has purpose!

And just look at the cool patterns on the sidewalks and streets here!




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