We’re two weeks in…

Most vacations would be winding up by this time, but we’re not in vacation mode. It’s almost surreal that we don’t have our house and all our things to go back to in Viroqua. We live in Prague now. Even though we’re in a borrowed apartment, we’re home.

We’ve been spending lots of our time going to offices of various kinds, getting the kids signed up for schools & hockey teams, getting health insurance (yay!), having the proper photos taken for the various ID cards we’ll need, filling out forms for those ID cards, and so on. As the only foreigner in the family, Tom and the kids are all dual Czech/American citizens, I have some extra offices to visit and forms to fill out. But it’s all good. If I get a job here, I’ll qualify for the same health insurance as Czech citizens. If not, I’ll still get a decent deal on insurance, just not quite as good. We’ll see. I’m not quite sure I’m ready to enter the Czech workforce yet. I think before I get a job, I should probably be able to say more than “Hello, my name is Susan. Can you please tell me if this is gluten-free?”

Speaking of food, finding good things to eat hasn’t exactly been a piece of cake here (ha). It’s a process, but it’s coming along. At first sight, it would seem like the Czechs eat nothing but bread, cheese and meat. That’s pretty much what I did when I lived here 20 years ago, sans the meat – I was a vegetarian then. But now, as we dig deeper and learn where to look, we’re finding good farmers’ markets with good local foods as well as shops that sell ‘bio’ (organic) foods and even have gluten-free selections. It would be easier to just pop into a Whole Foods if there were such a thing. But there isn’t, and we’re learning the ropes of eating well in Prague. It’s actually kind of a fun challenge.. when we’re not too hungry.

Here’s a view from the window of the flat we’re staying in these first 2 months:

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